Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

Having heard Kane’s side of the story, Lexii has a bit to say about all of that. Because the antisocial pixie feels she’s gotten to know our big girl, and it’s a pretty flattering image in her mind. So she goes for broke and spells it all out. Hopefully this is all reading authentically.


I think panel 2 here is my favorite drawing I’ve done of Lexii… and I LOVE drawing Lexii. This was another opportunity to go nuts with the facial acting, but also a way to take advantage of the characters unique abilities to aid in storytelling.

In this case, what I really wanted to do was use Lexii’s ability to fly to turn around the character dynamic. Ronni was specific about how she doesn’t like feeling small with Lexii earlier, and while Lexii is still larger than Ronni here, she positions herself to be lower than Ronni’s eye line. She’s actively trying to help Ronni feel less small emotionally and it was a lot of fun to lay out.




Issue 17 – Page 103