Hail to the king, baby

That look in her eye, the soundtrack swells, and two lonely people reach across the distance between them.

Then, comedy ensues.

Giant Girl Adventures, dear readers.

The meeting quote for this page was ‘We’re not telling a kid’s story here. We’re at least PG-13, if not R for violence alone. So let’s go for it’.


The tonal shift on this page from hot and heavy romance to wacky comedy was SOOOO fun to draw, and hopefully Lexii’s reaction in panel 5 plays well. It’s almost designed as a fan-surrogate moment for all of you who wanted to see the go to proverbial town.

Also, drawing passionate kissing when one character is twice as big was NOT easy, but it also says a LOT that Ronni DIDN’T adjust her size here with Lexii.



Issue 17 – Page 104