I kinda love everything about this page.

From how Dee managed to give us a bedroom scene with no genitals showing, which managed to be comical and simple all at once. To the shrinking panel sizes, which gave us a little more room for Lexii, who I thought would be far better served as the huge intimidating briuiser here. As Ronni’s powers work on people for that duration of how long they have been in contact, Lexii’s been in close proximity for quite some time, so Giant Girl can change her size and it will last a while.

Cuddly teeny weeny polar bear! Also, here’s to celebrating varied body types!

A lucky break, having caught the king in his bedchambers without guards, just the two giantesses. Let’s see how this plays out, shall we?


One thing that I like about staging comedy is that a LOT can be gained by locking the ‘camera’ down to push a joke, such as in the top four panels. A lot happened off-panel here, but by the reveal, it should be clear that Ronni did a lot of size manipulation here to literally everyone and everything. (Dang, Lexii is HUGE. And while we don’t see her leg, her hip is a little twisted because she is absolutely taking a knee to threaten our frosty king here.



Issue 17 – Page 105