Group shot, assemble!

Ronni’s busy berating the unrepentant and unwavering frost giant king, so she delegates the job of doing Ali Kazaam’s magic item hoodoo to Lexii, who immediately wisecracks like a sidekick, seamlessly settling into the role. It’s a pattern, after all- heroes and sidekicks.

Wisecracks to keep you honest optional.

At the size Ronni is currently, the party appear to be giants, titans on the Urth. A change of perspective from how it has been for them to travel with Kane the Uncouth. She deliberately shrinks Lexii back down as soon as she takes the crystal in hand, and Ronni’s powers will work on her again.

Everybody is Doing Their Thing in the group shot, and I kinda love it.

Also? THE ARCHIVES ARE UP AND COMPLETE! The entire back issue catalog is now available for reading, complete with galleries! Yay Pike (our webmaster)!



Group shots like this are always a major challenge, but also a lot of fun to work out. It’s easy enough to just pose everyone, but making sure that there’s legit STORYTELLING in there that plays to the characters is what, I hope, makes it all stand out.

Reducing Lexii back down was also a visual necessity as she otherwise would have filled the background making it harder to fit her in properly. Plus, I do love drawing her flitting around.



Issue 17 – Page 107