PAGE 108

Something to believe in

Somewhere out there I owe Bon Jovi royalties now. Remember back on page 24 when Britomart chided Ronni that she should consider believing in something? Here’s your callback. To me it shows how far Ronni has come through the course of this adventure.

Nice simple page- everybody committing, explaining their motivation for doing so. I’ll let Dee do the talking for this one. Although I will add that Ronni’s leap there is definitely going to result in a hard on the knees Superhero landing on the other side.

Also, everyone’s hand in gives you some cue as to their motivation or personality. I think it’s telling that Ali just echoes Lexii’s statement. The cliffhanger I’m just not going to address… after all that’s why it’s a cliffhanger


Again, I position Ronni so that the arm with the red bracer is mostly away from the camera, specifically for the big moment where she puts her hand in. This is the payoff for why her outfit has shown less and less of her signature color since she told her story to Lexii: She is choosing to be a part of the group for real and has been doing so more and more.

This was a big moment to play right and getting the acting on her face and posture was really important to me. To me, the expression she has in panel 7 is less about hesitation and more about her almost being surprised that she’s really not hesitant. At least, that’s how I saw it in my head as I drew her.

This being a double sized page is very much my fault. I pushed for the additions after having the idea that we needed to stretch this moment out where Ronni takes the leap. Plus, what is happening in those last two panels as a cliffhanger, I thought, had a lot of emotional weight to lead to what’s coming in the next page.

In PRINT, this will be two pages, but Sabrina and I decided to make this one, long page so as to not take an entire week on a page where a lot really doesn’t happen, plot wise. Hope you dig. 🙂




Issue 17 – Page 128