We’re all counting on you

This entire page exists solely to establish they have arrived at their destination. But true to form, Ronni is complaining about the ride there, which Lexii handily dismisses, then refocuses Ronni on her mission. In doing so, she is clearly fangirling just a little bit, because she believes in heroes. She does, after all, live in a world of high fantasy, where the tales and the legends all tend to be true.

Love to the flailing ‘Hydra’ arms of Ronni’s cartoonish expression of panic, and that slappy hand against the finger in the tummy. Pathos and cartooning, cheesecake and drama, one stop shopping- Giant Girl Adventures!


It’s that “one-stop shopping” that has made this such a fun comic to draw. I really get to have it all, artistically as this comic can go from epic action, emotional seriousness and slapstick without losing its heart or identity. The cartoonist in me, however, really adores getting to play in sequences like this with the wacky body language and expressions.




Issue 17 – Page 94